A personal observation on cancer trial participants

A personal observation on cancer trial participants

I encourage people to email their thoughts if they would like to contribute to this project, but aren’t on Twitter. I received the following note yesterday which I’d like to share with you (with the permission of the author)…

Paving the Way For Others #WhyClinicalTrialsMatter (1)



My extensive personal experience with patients in Oncology was that they had a very strong commitment to paving the way for others. They generally held a strong conviction that even if they couldn’t benefit in their own lifetime their legacy was to make life better for their families & humanity which is why they were happy to participate in a clinical trial. They also appreciated the additional care & scrutiny – we formed close bonds & their quality of life was greatly enhanced. When I see how far we have come in diseases such as breast cancer it makes the contribution these people made tangible…it truly does make a difference.

Thanks for the opportunity to share.

Nicola Amos

Clinical Trials Professional

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